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Welding Technology to Power Your Fabrication Future

What You Need to Know To Upgrade Your Welding Operations for 2021 and Beyond


The future of fabrication and manufacturing is here. Are you poised to keep up in 2021 and beyond?

Join industry leader OTC DAIHEN as we explore the welding and automation topics you need to know to stand out in today’s market.


Register to receive access until Nov. 6., 2020 to all of these educational sessions:

  1. WELBEE Manual Welding Demonstration: How Professional-Grade Equipment Improves Your Welds
  2. Robot Programming Tutorial: It’s Easier Than You Think
  3. Bridging the Gap: How Robotic Welding Can Supplement a Shrinking Labor Pool
  4. Production Robotic Welding Cells: Myths vs. Facts
  5. FD-21 Controller Sneak Peek: Controlling the Future of Robotic Welding
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